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Kindergarten /Pre-Prep

“Old Macdonald’s Farm” acknowledges that the national Early Years Learning Framework has placed specific emphasis on play – based learning, but recognizes the importance of communication and language, (including literacy and numeracy), as well as social and emotional development.

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Years 1 & 2

“Old Macdonald’s Farm” – Year 1 and 2 has been specifically written to  assist  young  children with learning and  understanding the  basic concepts that are required as formal education commences.

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“Old  Macdonald’s  Farm” – Foundation  Year has  been  specifically written  to  assist  young  children with learning the  basic  concepts  that are required before formal education can commence. Doing, playing and singing are an integral part of a young child’s learning process.

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Yrs 3 & 4

Old Macdonald’s Farm – Years  3  and  4 has  been  specifically written to assist children to continue the process of learning and the development of concepts. 

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