North Coast NSW – A golden opportunity 


Since 1989 QLD Franchisees have looked after this area, which covers from Armidale / Sawtell in the north to Aberdeen/Taree in the south.
During this period business has grown to a point where it now requires its own Old Macdonald’s Travelling Farms in the NSW North Coast areas, (the Far North Coast NSW has been sold to an Franchisee!). We separated the areas to allow for growth and to make it easier to operate the area from home for a new Franchisee. (Your own ‘Local Bloke!’).

This is a wonderful opportunity to give your family an alternative lifestyle.

No experience is required,
Full training 
is all aspects of husbandry,
(from the feeding regime to full care of our animals,
whose welfare is our greatest priority),
taking bookings,
confirmations, & accounts. 
Established bookings from the day you start in your new franchise.
A Family business  for $77,000 –
don’t miss this golden opportunity, to join our team throughout Australia
(4wd and access to small acreage required)
Please phone Ann on 0428 777 051, we would be happy to discuss any aspect of your involvement in the business.
Old Macdonald’sTravelling Farms, (Australia’s Premier Farm), has been established 30 years throughout Australia providing a stable business module for Franchisees to build on.  We have Franchisees still with us after 10 years.!
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