Many of you will have seen us at the Carrara Markets where the farm can be visited each Saturday and Sunday. (Carrara Markets are organising small birthday parties which include the farm, speak to the organiser).

Old Macdonald’s Travelling Farms presentations can be either structured, (with lectures and resources for teachers), or unstructured for Parties, Shows, Fetes etc

We provide a UV Shade, approximately 25 small animals in an enclosure, which can be made to fit your area. Our young and baby animals may include lambs, kids, piglets, alpacas, chickens, ducklings etc. (Our babies prefer to be on grass, however, if this is not possible a surcharge will occur, where tarp and straw is required). 

Children & adults can enjoy hand feeding all the animals, grooming them, and of course there will be a bottle – feeding session. 




Please phone us for a quote or to book the farm or send an email via the enquiry form – We would love to hear from you!

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