Far North Coast NSW 

Since 1989 our QLD Franchisees have looked after this area. During this period business has grown to a point that now it has its own “local bloke” ……  MYRA IS BACK!!!

Old Macdonald’s Farms are happy to be back conducting presentations in the area after this period with the Coronavirus. Whether an Agricultural Show, Large Event, School, Kindy or Party, we have a large range of displays available to you.

We provide young and baby animals for your enjoyment, these may include lambs, kids, piglets and alpacas, chickens & ducklings.  Everyone loves them!

Old Macdonald’s Travelling Farms presentations can be either structured (with lectures and resources for teachers) or unstructured for Parties, Shows, Fetes etc

We provide a UV Shade, approximately 25 small animals in an enclosure, which can be made to fit your area. (Our babies prefer to be on grass, however, if this is not possible a surcharge may occur, where tarp and straw is required).

Children & adults can enjoy hand feeding all the animals, grooming them, and of course there will be a bottle – feeding session.

Our  babies love the attention and we know they will make your day extra special.  We hope that the farm brings you the same amount of pleasure and joy that we receive.

Whether it is for a quote, booking, or information please give us a call on 0448 061 281 or send an email via our enquiry form – We  would love to hear from you!

Old Macdonald’s Travelling Farms, (Australia’s Premier Farm), has been established 32 years throughout Australia providing a stable business module for Franchisees to build on.  We have Franchisees still with us after 10 years.!
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