Shopping Centres

Keep Customers Coming Back

Baby animals have universal appeal and your customers will come back day after day, the Displays are kept immaculately clean at all times and all animals are exceptionally healthy

Walk in Farm

  • Our most popular displays and one of our best drawcards
  • Enter the pen and mingle freely with the babies.
  • Large and small sizes available also hand and bottle-feed



Nursery Farm

A selection of our cutest babies: Pat the cheeky piglet, ducklings, rabbits and bantam chickens. Come in and pat the babies. Make sure you are there for the Bottle-feeding of the baby lambs/kids. Watch the animals interact with each other.

Watch the babies play whilst a presenter shows the babies to the public to pat.

Chicken & Duckling Display

Watch chicks hatch, see ducklings swim, watch a mother hen teach her chicks to scratch for the first time. Good size for small areas – Spring, Summer or Easter.

Christmas Ideas

Christmas is a special time and Old Macdonald’s Farms loves to help Shopping Centres offer novel ways of attracting customers to their centres- here are a few of the. ( Attractions will vary from State to State – phone your nearest Franchisee for more details).

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