Old Macdonald’s Farms are proud to announce new Planners and Resources for teachers at all primary levels to meet the new National Curriculum criteria, (see our Overview in Resources Section).

Bringing our animals into the school allows teachers to use our new resources to integrate the farm into their program, whilst students gain first hand knowledge of farm animals.

Our experienced presenters will ensure your class learns through enjoyment.


Children can mingle freely with the babies, and are able to pick some of them up. All children are able to feed the animals.

A Tent is provided for most weather conditions.

Each group has a specially structured educational session in which they are able to hand feed, bottle feed,  groom our babies, and to ask all those tricky questions – Why are sheep shorn?- Why do pigs love rolling in mud? – Why do chickens have dust baths!  Our presenters enjoy answering their questions.


Safety for Students and Animals

All interactions with our babies are strictly supervised, in consideration of the children and animals.


Many people comment on the immaculate condition of our animals and how much they obviously enjoy all the attention!

Get up close and personal with the very quiet animals.  Learn about wool, feathers, hair, milk, feet and eggs.  You won’t get closer to animals than this!!!!

Educational Resources for years Kindergarten – Year 6, have been formulated by practising teachers, and cover curriculum requirement in the following areas:- English, Mathematics, Science and Creative Arts,  History will be added later this year.

These programs have been designed to help teachers meet the new National Curriculum guidelines. (Please view in Resources with our Overview and Planners).

Actual Resources, which compliment the Planners, are available on our website. The Access Codes will be provided on booking of the farm. Teachers have found these resources an invaluable aid for covering farm animals in the classroom.

Highly recommended by our customers.

We are busy every day of the week so . . . . 


Head to our home page and type in your postcode to obtain further information, or fill out our enquiry form which goes directly to your nearest Old Macdonald’s Farm presenter.

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